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The PLAST’FINANCES Group has invested in 36 fully electric injection moulding machines to develop greener energy sources and move towards eco-design.

With its substantial fleet of machines, the group is one of the only manufacturers in France able to offer its customers a wide range of greener, more sustainable products.
Switching to fully electric operation means green electricity, no water pollution and the lowest energy consumption on the market.

As well as this environmental approach, we have replaced all our dryers with ultra-low-consumption models.

Our other areas of expertise

CPMO Création Plastique

Design office

Based on a drawing or a mock-up, we can supply you with:
• 3D plans with dimensions
• Digital photos
• Precise capacity
• ABS model
• Final plans
• Toolpaths for the CNC machines in our mechanical workshop

We also have equipment for research and development
• Powder bed fusion 3D printer (HP 3D Multi Jet Fusion)
• Fused filament fabrication 3D printer (RAISE3D PRO2+)
• CAD/CAM software: Creo and TopSolid

CPMO Création Plastique

Quality laboratory

Our quality policy takes a process approach to customer satisfaction and incorporates a system and QHSE focus with a wide range of performance indicators.

Production batches are released on the basis of continuous and statistical inspections, and all bottles are checked with leak testers on the production line.

Our quality laboratory is equipped with a digital profile projector, a vertical compression and tension test bed, a vacuum bell and a torque meter.

Our ambitions


Investment in a new ERP package is enabling us to restructure our management system, implement a quality system and control and monitor performance indicators to boost our economic and financial performance.


As part of a continuous improvement approach, to guarantee maximum product quality and safety, the PLAST’FINANCES Group has undertaken a programme of audits of its manufacturing stations and optimisation of its material flows and locations.


The PLAST’FINANCES Group aims to offer a range of bottles and caps with ever-increasing choice. That’s why the Research and Innovation team plays a strategic role in its product innovation approach, introducing new ranges and researching and developing new materials.