Eco-design approach

We incorporate an eco-design approach into the manufacture of our bottles, containers and caps

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Life cycle


The PLAST’FINANCES Group is proud to add value to the plastics industry, acting on behalf of the environment and the circular economy by using recycled plastics in its production, which is certified by the MORE label.
Created by the French Plastics and Composites Federation, the MORE label is awarded to manufacturers taking action to recycle plastic materials. Those receiving the award are selected on the basis of objective declarations of the volumes of recycled raw materials they consume.


The PLAST’FINANCES Group has ISO 9001 certification, a guarantee of quality incorporating multiple criteria such as consideration of customer needs, the motivation and involvement of the senior management team, quality management, processes and a continuous improvement approach.
With its focus on customer satisfaction, a commercial priority of the PLAST’FINANCES Group, this certification demonstrates quality in terms of the compliance and consistency of the products and services provided.


The PLAST’FINANCES Group is also committed to a policy of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). EcoVadis evaluates the company in terms of the environment, Employment & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Procurement.
Currently undergoing certification, the teams are informed and trained in the implementation of various actions designed to improve the overall system and prove its real commitment.

Our values


An active member of French Fab with Origin’Ain certification, the PLAST’FINANCES Group is proud to contribute to the dynamism of the Ain region in France, with local production of 100% of its bottles, containers (jerrycans, spray bottles=CAPS) and caps.

The group’s ambitions are to innovate, modernise its means of production, continuously adapt, perform strongly and attract customers while contributing to the energy transition. Our goal is to represent French skills and expertise at international level.


Recognising the major challenge now posed by the environment, the PLAST’FINANCES Group is committed to an eco-design policy for all bottle and cap production.

Customers can now choose products made from innovative materials derived from recycled plastic. This reduces the weight of the bottles at source.